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in order to see the truth you must first open your mind ---- add me on psn peek-1420 or on xbl MedikatedTurnip any one miss ng from 2003-2007?

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Posted by kazumazkan - 1 month ago

well will you?


Posted by kazumazkan - 1 month ago

Story idea

Posted by kazumazkan - March 26th, 2019

Over the years i thought i was gonna make update after update but i guess laziness got the better of me as well as other issues and lot has happened since than and i plan to go into detail some time later once i get my pc fixed.

but as of right now im using my ol laptop that has gotten kinda shoddy and that thing is real,slow it lags and after some years of abuse it has some missing keys welp guess that's just on me.

Now for a little tidbit of my future update.

So for some info after a few years of not having doctor after he no longer accepted my insurance i got one some in early 2018 and im getting on track with my health keeping up with my medications and dealing with my weight loss.

getting checked up with cardiologists,dermatologist an having ct scans done to check for anything that maybe wrong

got a new home in 2016 after years of renting in a shithole gang infested town and finally moving into a quite peace place

the aforementioned doctor situation plus new gym membership to better my self (i did use planet fitness for some time but the one in my town got shitty and i didn't like some of the new employees)

more later.

for now have some Rem


Posted by kazumazkan - May 11th, 2015

Yestderday was a good day,just finished cleaning and moving some old couches with my dad and brother my mom saw them in early hours of morning (around 2:00-3:00 i was also the only one awake at the time she works and my dad is currently unemployed) she seemed happy to see these couches since we have had them for a very long time and my dad definitely worked himself to clean them.

later in the morning hours after breakfast we gave her flowers,cards and a gift she got emotional and very happy which made us happy.


my dad called my sisters to see if we could meet up at either of their house to bbq plans were made plans and we left the house,my dad and brother went for my one of our sisters house while me and mother went to the store to buy meat and other things need for everybody to enjoy. whem we got to the house food was prepared i was preparing my roasted chicken as a special treat for everybody,my other sister came a little while later and brough our mom cards and gifts along with her kids. (to be clear both my sisters and their kid(s) gave our mother gifts and cards.


sadly our mom had to go to work because no one at her work was available so i everybody was disapointed but the rent and bills has to be payed. one my sisters had to leave to work as well just to add ths in to detail.

we cooked we had a good time my roast took a little while long to cook because the oven wasn't working good but it came out delicous,my sister took some home left some for my other sister for when she comes back from work and my niece made chocolate muffins they were also delicous.


after we cleaned,washed dishes and packed the food and other stuff we headed back home.

later around 2:00 my mom came home she used her laptop to browser for house for a little bit i intro introduced her to the roast and said how good it looked and smelled and she was happy.

went to sleep.



one small thing we did is we stopped by our aunts house to get some food that she made for us and gave her flowers that one of our sisters got for her.




Posted by kazumazkan - April 14th, 2015

It's about 2 weeks into april.

i sure hate it when time goes by so fast.

Posted by kazumazkan - March 12th, 2015

This is the internet where everybody has the right of opinion and everybody also has the right to criticize anothers opinion,this often leads to discussions and arguments which is natural amongst the denizens of the internet.

These arguments can be peaceful and lead to a good discussion without any conflict or it can lead to conflict and be filled with insults,hatred and idiocy.


Some arguments are for stupid reasons others are based on opinions and some are for the discussion of certain topics.

for example 

global warming/climate change

this example is perfect for many reasons

1.both sides are pretty large but many would fit into the idiocy category

2.both sides would bring in evidence and proof to create discussion which will lead to arguments due to the nature of the topic

3.this discussion can reveal the intelligence of many of the participants and others intelligence will be stretched to the point of their exhaustion.



Gender,sexuality and orientation

This topic will always bring in idiocy it will reveal the intelligence of those who participate in it

like those who say being gay is choice or that transgendered people are just gays in drag or that they're freaks that are sick in the head.

these idiots bring little to no proof/evidence to the argument thus marking themselves as idiots.










now i may have sounded like idiot there but i get angry at these morons.



The pc vs console arguments which always leads to insults right away





Racism will always exist and people will judge no matter what

this reveals the true idiots within the arguments on racism


More to come soon

Posted by kazumazkan - September 2nd, 2014

i been going to a gym with some friends since last thursday and its been pretty good i was already losing weight slowly granted it was probably fluctuating up and down but at leasting im losing wieght but at least it's something.

Posted by kazumazkan - September 1st, 2014

Well today's my birthday i am now 21.

mal is butthurt sjw who can't take a joke.

mal is a butthurt sjw who can't take a small joke

Posted by kazumazkan - July 11th, 2014

im gonna need some MIDI equipment for a keyboard that i have (RB3 keyboard that can be used as MIDI instrament) so i would like to know if any of you know where i can buy a conector so i can use it on my laptop with one software that i have.

a video 


Posted by kazumazkan - July 7th, 2014

3113716_140477821582_failmodngmal.jpgwell i do hope you ban the other guy for actually bumbing thread from 2008 i only posted in it since the actual last post was 6 days ago then what you made it seem  in the bam message.

but eh what else do you expect from a "white boy" who deleted the evidence ever so cowardly instead of leaving it there to for all to see.

so in short i ain't even i just hope you didn't put it all on me.


See everybody in a few days.

Peace Out.

ps who wants to play some tf2 or cs:s or l4d2