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Nice seeing new mgs animations especially animated so well,voice acting is great and its fucking funny.

as for the joke i wouldn't put it past these types of weirdos to actually do this.

well than that was interesting to say the least
simply animated and just plain stupid humor never change Ng never change that's why this place is the best

JunkYardAnimations responds:

im obsessed with this place being the best of the rest, we are definitely blessed and when undressed we change our underwear and shave our chest!

Love the art style

Animation is great and the voice acting captures the "campyness" of residente evil

Also I really like the funny ending of the tyrant.

hope to see more from you <3

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overall the game is nice and simple in its difficulty and game play,the graphics are great for the style you're going for and sound is good as well.

controls can use some improvement though.

Pretty simple yet challenging and nice cartoon graphics

Its a decent minecraft style deathmatch game
with some good music
good sound
has good game play
and nice visuals
overall it's a good game and can add some hours of fun if you like games like this

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absolutely amazing remix and sends me on nostalgic trips

Has a very simple energetic and catchy taste to it

Sounds wacky but in a good way like something that might be in a halloween cartoon or movie or possibly a halloween themed game
or just just in a funny animation with wacky plot,action and character.

the whole main part of this is very catchy and "eargasmic"
the beat in the background gives it a certain flavor to it.

Awesome loop
i love it.

ADR3-N responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I did it mostly to emulate the earlier sound of one of my favorite artists here from '06. dj-ene, if you're wondering. :)

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I love it,great detail and Visha looks cute as ever

VolWrightX responds:

Glad you liked it! :D

Excellent i loving seeing more of this trend and hope to see more.

do you have any plans of doing this Lucoa with dragon maid or Rem from re zero? or any other characters you have in mind.

amazingly well down recreation!

in order to see the truth you must first open your mind ---- add me on psn peek-1420 or on xbl MedikatedTurnip any one miss ng from 2003-2007?

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