Some times time just flies by and i hate it.

2015-04-14 19:03:27 by kazumazkan

It's about 2 weeks into april.

i sure hate it when time goes by so fast.


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2015-04-25 15:15:10

>tfw it's almost May and it feels like New Year's Day was just yesterday

kazumazkan responds:

yep it feels as if January was not that long ago and may the 5th month almost a year has gone by yeah its crazy how time flies fast when you don't pay attention or have nothing to do.


2015-04-29 12:15:15



2015-05-11 06:48:33

I can't wait till I'm in my sixties and have a full beard and lots of money and women and am a raging alcoholic smoking two packs of cigs a day living in a penthouse overlooking the city and have three grandchildren that my kids won't let me near

Plus I'd know ten languages fluently and practice krav maga, plus I'd be batman

kazumazkan responds:

dreaming big i see.