Entry #43

A fine Mothers day

2015-05-11 07:53:16 by kazumazkan

Yestderday was a good day,just finished cleaning and moving some old couches with my dad and brother my mom saw them in early hours of morning (around 2:00-3:00 i was also the only one awake at the time she works and my dad is currently unemployed) she seemed happy to see these couches since we have had them for a very long time and my dad definitely worked himself to clean them.

later in the morning hours after breakfast we gave her flowers,cards and a gift she got emotional and very happy which made us happy.


my dad called my sisters to see if we could meet up at either of their house to bbq plans were made plans and we left the house,my dad and brother went for my one of our sisters house while me and mother went to the store to buy meat and other things need for everybody to enjoy. whem we got to the house food was prepared i was preparing my roasted chicken as a special treat for everybody,my other sister came a little while later and brough our mom cards and gifts along with her kids. (to be clear both my sisters and their kid(s) gave our mother gifts and cards.


sadly our mom had to go to work because no one at her work was available so i everybody was disapointed but the rent and bills has to be payed. one my sisters had to leave to work as well just to add ths in to detail.

we cooked we had a good time my roast took a little while long to cook because the oven wasn't working good but it came out delicous,my sister took some home left some for my other sister for when she comes back from work and my niece made chocolate muffins they were also delicous.


after we cleaned,washed dishes and packed the food and other stuff we headed back home.

later around 2:00 my mom came home she used her laptop to browser for house for a little bit i intro introduced her to the roast and said how good it looked and smelled and she was happy.

went to sleep.



one small thing we did is we stopped by our aunts house to get some food that she made for us and gave her flowers that one of our sisters got for her.




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2015-05-11 13:08:11

omg that sounds like a fantastic day, and your mom probably thought the same about that day too, regardless that she had to work. glad it well :)

kazumazkan responds:

She definitely did through her expressions/emotions.

and yes it was a fantastic day.


2015-05-23 20:01:07



2015-05-25 02:08:13

I enjoy recaps of people's days

how lovely.

kazumazkan responds:



2015-06-25 00:18:58

anal probe

kazumazkan responds:

why aren't you a bundle of sunshine.

looks like NG has taken a hold of you.


2015-06-30 21:45:30


hey i know it was you who banned me for saying faggot so stop nitpicking you fucking oversensitive sjw



2015-11-13 16:36:11

tell your brother i said congratulations

kazumazkan responds:

will do