im dumb

2014-04-14 17:56:37 by kazumazkan


im so dumb



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2014-04-14 19:26:38

Eh, honest mistake. But talking about spammers and trolls, is like complaining about the weather - ain't nuthin' you can do about it.

kazumazkan responds:

yeah but would you do if treated with anal prolapse pictures.
yeah it was mistake on my end and i should of known better
but oh well maybe next time.


2014-04-14 20:28:14

Medical goatse? No thanks, I'd rather watch 'Life in the ER' and eat spaghetti. But close ups of HIllary Clinton is the dead worst for eyes |:

kazumazkan responds:

haha yeah thats what i mean and full on gay porn i mean the really really nasty shit


2014-04-15 03:03:02

Happens. It's not that long, at least.

kazumazkan responds:

yeah i know but it was my stupidity though. : /


2014-04-15 05:27:20

kazumazkan responds:

oh you
i love you.