2016 Submissions

-A-DarkDescent Experimental Song

2014 Submissions

Chief-blast Experimental Song
chill-n-relax Ambient Song
I'm Going To Get You !!!!!!! Comedy Voice

2013 Submissions

t.tif Miscellaneous Song

2011 Submissions

TRACK # 8 Miscellaneous Song
NEVER+trance Miscellaneous Song
--ambient--pscadellic-- Ambient Song
Psyca--dellic Miscellaneous Song
EURO BLAST __2 Techno Song
High+trance Trance Song
HorroR--AmbeinT Ambient Song
Trance Base Trance Song
DRUM--CITY Trance Loop
Crazy----syth----bass---horror Trance Song
Elite--Beat Techno Song
Black+Rain Techno Song
Come on feel the Salsa Ska Song
The Dancing Fighter Techno Song
Sorrow For The Painoist Classical Song
Anti-virus Trance Loop
Hazards---Of---Techno Techno Song
The Tech Beat Trance Song
The Dancing Fighter (Demo) Techno Loop
trombone's and the orchestra Classical Song
The Sonata Classical Song